Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gotta Love a Geek

When Freaks and Geeks first hit the TV machine, I watched maybe 3 episodes and sort of forgot about it. I think it didn't help that these were not consecutive episodes, and I think it was even more detrimental that I was in middle school when this show was on and I didn't really want to watch people be fed up with high school, a place I had yet to enter. Anyway, as you all know the show was canceled after one season, but now has quite a cult following on DVD. (I have since graduated high school, watched the entire series, and loved it.)

Sometimes the show is a little hard to watch. When any sort of pain befalls my favorite geek, Bill, I almost have to turn off the TV. The kid I think had it the hardest on the show though was Main Geek Sam, played by John Francis Daley. He was about three feet tall and had a voice like Ashley Olsen. I cringe just thinking about it.

The thing is, I had kind of forgotten about that little kid. That is, until he started showing up in more current TV shows, but as an actual ADULT. I was shocked. Not because I thought he could only play a total "pygmy geek," but because he was kind of hot. Total gay crush material, because, after all, he still has a total baby face and I can't help but remember when he was a pubescent geek.

Here's how things were looking when we were introduced:
And here's the little geek now. (Disclaimer: All the good pictures were from IMDb and I have no idea how to steal from them. Go here to get the money shots.)While I'm impressed with his transformation, and I hope that JFD gets some parts in the future where he does not play a grown-up version of a Dungeon Master, he's not even on my gay crush radar when compared to my darling Martin Starr (Bill, as I will always think of him in my mind.) Even when he was TOTALLY geeked out, I was completely in love. You wouldn't have to con me into a round of seven minutes in heaven with him, that's for sure! But look at him now!!
Hot, I'd say.

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