Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just Keeeeding

So I do have some things to say about Seattle that relate to what I write about here.

Remember when I wrote this little piece about cropped sweaters? Well I tried the pictured cropped sweater on at Anthropologie. I was shopping alone, and I can hardly decide what to order at Starbucks without a second opinion (and I do NOT trust shopgirls), so I took snapshots to show my shopping accomplices later. I thought I would put them up here mainly because I made a huge stink about how this one sweater makes me a hypocrite. The muffin top concept is completely moot here because I'm wearing a dress, but I still did not buy the sweater. I don't break that easy.I like the not-too-tight fit of the top (I'm wearing a size small), which is a nice break from feeling like you have to suck in your gut whenever you're not in sweats. BUT, where is my neck? I have an aversion to all things neck-stealing. It's just not right. Even if you're the Swan Princess.

Basically when I'm in Seattle all I do is shop all day. For like, two weeks. So there were some things that I am pretty excited to break out of the closet, that is, when it's not 9,000 degrees like it is in the midwest right now. It's like hot death in a garbage can outside. Anyway, here are two of the most completely unrelated of such Seattle purchases:
Believe it or not (I didn't at first), I do not own 'fancy' black shoes. I don't really know how this happened. I guess I just got a little eBay happy in my closet. I also don't really wear black that much. I'm more into, say, fuschia. But, I needed shoes for a potential funeral. Don't worry, now that is not something on the horizon, but for awhile there it was looking like I was going to have to get a black ensemble together, and I'm not about to go shopping while I'm grieving.

On a more casual (and happier!) note, here is my new obsession:
DIY Confession Time: I buy mens' sweatpants and then chop off the legs just above my knees. I just like them better this way. Now American Apparel has caught on to my odd behavior and marketed it to the coke-whore set. Me again! Anyway, I'm going to live in these. I already started wearing them in Seattle, but they ain't seen nothing yet. I've started to buy TONS of merch from American Apparel. I don't really give a shit if they're a company of pervy douchebags run by the King of Pervy Douchebags. They make everything I like - and at a decent price.

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