Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Color me Jeal

True Confession: I'm no less addicted to paper dolls now than I was when I was four. That's why Stardoll is probably one of the greatest diversions on the interweb. If you haven't already been there, go NOW. You get to create a doll of yourself, AND you can dress up dolls of celebrities, models, athletes, etc. The site's German (English?), so there are a lot of celeb dolls that have no significance to me, but it's still a great way to eat up time.

The real confession here is that I'm jealous of a doll. But seriously, this is like my default outfit, only cuter:
I'm going to have to dig through my closet and find a way to re-create this look on my real bod. Who'd a thunk I'd get fashion inspiration from a virtual paper doll? Or at all? Maybe it's the drugs...

1 comment:

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