Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hairy Armpits And a Penchant for the Preppy

Is my Seattle-ite/hippie/hairy-legged lesbian side coming on a little strong when I say that I kind of covet these J. Crew boots?
Way to make trekking through some mud and twigs and shit cute, right? Look, they even get more endearing!And the thing is, they look really durable and useful, but they're from J. Crew, so you could totally wear them to Starbucks and never even see a mountain or the woods and people wouldn't think you were a twat.

On a related note, everything I've posted on this thang lately has been fashion oriented. It's like this has become a self-obsessed fashion blog instead of just a self-obsessed blog. Whatever. I go through phases just like any other 12 year old boy.

But for real, J. Crew is really soaking my panties right now. They're having a holiday sale! And all the pretty, preppy goodness is just a few (less debt-inducing) swipes of the Visa away!

Like these shoes, which I would originally think are kind of bleh, but at $80 I now want superbad:For the holiday parties? Yes! Plus, they were originally $230!! I don't know how good at math you are, but by my calculations that's a lot of American dollars off.

I shall wear them with this dress:(Felted Wool Cameron Dress $100, originally $150)

And this vest:(Washed Wool Herringbone Vest $98, not on sale. Also men's.)

Oh J. Crew, you are a sly and sexy mistress. And you have once again stolen my heart.

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