Monday, December 10, 2007

People Smoking on Bicycles

Apparently it is now very chic to smoke while riding a bike. This semester alone I have probably seen 15 people on campus smoking while biking, and every time my reaction is to perform an admittedly cartoonish double-take. What the fuck, right? It's so counterintuitive to light up while pedaling, steering, looking both ways, etc. I can't even ride a bike with no hands.

I did a little internet research into this phenomenon, and I was surprised to find out that this is not a phenomenon at all, but an activity that is apparently enjoyed by many...This hot slut makes me want to smoke while biking and bike while smoking, so in this case I understand the allure .This picture depresses me. Not only because it looks depressing, but also because I'm sure the photographer and subject think it's oh so edgy, and that just makes me irrationally dislike them.Oh, le Frenchies. You are so hilarious and chic. I have a very similar relationship to French smokestacks/bicyclists as I do to Brody Jenner, which is to say that they both seem like douchebags that I'd love to be friends with. Speaking of people I want to be friends with...THIS GUY.

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