Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This time of year "women's" magazines are all about "what to wear to all those holiday parties!" Who are the people they are targeting in these articles? I typically go to about 2-3 holiday parties (the non-college kind) and I never wear any of that shit. I'm not some high powered entertainment lawyer, or an heiress, or one of the other related types of people that I imagine really need a "guide" like those printed in every mag. Still, I love to leaf through these handbooks and imagine what I would wear to the plethora of holiday parties whose invitations (I imagine) are bursting from my mailbox.Like this gorge dress from Jovovich-Hawk (Available on Shopbop, $1,238). It's so fabulous and yet completely appropriate for my family's annual cocktail/tree lighting party at the estate. Maybe I could add a little capelet or shrug just in case it's chilly or we take a stroll on the grounds before dusk. Uh huh, sure.

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