Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lady Love

Can I just talk for a sec about how hot I think Stephenie Meyer is? Hah. Like I even have to ask your permission.

Okay, so I'm totally gay for Twilight in the most dorky, unapologetic way, but the thing that I keep advertising is that the author is smoking HOT and no one seems to notice. I first read about Mizz Meyer in Time, which I only read because my parents have a free subscription that they don't use so they give it to me. And I'm in love with Joel Stein, but I digress. So Stephenie Meyer was featured in Time in this article that's basically like every article about her. Mainly: 1. She is Mormon. 2. She is a housewife. 3. She is a Mormon housewife.

Yeah, I get it.

What no one seems to mention is that she's so beautiful. Stunning, even. Plus, she's into fetishy stuff like vampires, which you would think would bring her sexy side to the table. She also listens to My Chemical Romance, but I pretend that's not true. I'm strangely bothered by why no articles never mention her fantastic amounts of pretty, and I have a theory!

Usually in magazine (and sometimes newspaper) articles, the first paragraph features something along the lines of, "her porcelain skin with delicate features," or, "his square jaw and soulful eyes." Basically, you are introduced to the subject of the article with a description of their beauty. Readers are introduced to Stephenie Meyer by finding out that she is a Mormon. Housewife. A Mormon housewife.

Does a single writer believe that Mormons can be attractive? Or even remotely sexy? Or sexual? Is it completely pertinent that a reader (and potential reader of Meyer's) know that she is Mormon and therefore off limits in terms of physical attention?! Is being Mormon somehow equivalent to being closer to God than an average religious person, and therefore bestows said Mormon with unlimited virtue?! I THINK NOT.

Women are constantly led by feminists to believe that they are never to be objectified, and that they cannot be seen as physically attractive, because that will undermine their intellect and lead them to become (gasp!) objectified housewives or sluts or whatever. But you know? I think it's OKAY to be noticed for your looks or your clothes or your fantastic singing voice or something else "superficial." Because usually that's just part of what makes you so frakking awesome. Stephenie Meyer is a fox, sure, but she's also a great writer who sucked (ha!) me into her vamp YA novels and is now casting another spell on me with The Host. Oh, and she's a Mormon. Housewife. A Mormon housewife.

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