Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Posh Crosswords

True story: I am addicted to crosswords.

Seriously, I do at least two crosswords a night. I used to do the ones in whatever paper I can find lying around (because I don't read any other part of the paper, so buying one or a subscrip is a waste of dollars and paper), and the newspaper versions are still my fave, but papes are getting harder and harder to come by. I now just buy crossword puzzle books and work my way through them. Plus, I'm actually good at crosswords (all that experience) so I can't just get ANY crossword book. It needs to be the nice kind from Borders or wherever. I'm just finishing up this baby from Mensa that was actually one of the best collections I've ever done. Plus it has an adorable detective on the cover!!His pipe is probably chock full of opium, but I digress. I went to my local Borders today to pick up a new crossword book, and I found the most amazingly adorable-yet-covert book in the history of crossword compilations. Check it: This, as you can tell, is a collection of "Posh Crosswords." They're not posh in the sense that all the clues are about Victoria Beckham, but rather that the cover looks like a cute little journal or sketchbook. That band at the top comes off, and the book is small enough to fit in my (albeit large) handbag. Now, I can whip out some crosswords when I'm waiting for a bus or having a cuppa chai and do my crosswords in style, instead of looking like an eight year old trying to pass time at an airport.

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