Sunday, June 29, 2008

You Can't Let Kids Do Anything Anymore

I don't know if you use Flickr, but I do, so let's talk about it! Anyway, when you open the front page it says, "Hola, Sarah," but hello is in a different language every time, which I think is annoying, but I get over it after about .03 seconds. The homepage also shows your most recent photo uploads and what other people have been uploading. Etsy also does this, showing what people have most recently listed. I like it because it's like real-time online stalking. This morning though I was met with a stranger's uploaded photo that caught me off guard:Um. I don't know what this is a picture of. Plus, the title was in a completely different alphabet from the one I can read, so there are no clues there either. It wouldn't be so weird to be examining someone's zipper if it weren't a kid. Which reminds me, the other night I was the designated adult for a gaggle of girls playing dress up, and I gave one of them my camera to take pictures of the outfits. Then I find pictures of six year old girls in their underwear on my cam, and I had to corner the little photog and let her know that "this is really the last thing I need someone to find on my camera."

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