Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Economic Stimulants

Oh how I love amassing material possessions. Retail therapy is some of the best therapy money can buy, and I've been in a lot of therapy. I've actually been raking in some cash lately and putting it back in Uncle Sam's ratty, holed pockets just as fast. Today I thought I'd pull a Mindy Kaling and let you in on all the stuff I've bought lately that I love.

Let's start with these adorablog earrings I recently purchased from ShopBop:They're by St. Kilda, whoever the hell that is, and they're the perfect modern hoops. They also weigh like, half a feather, so I don't have to worry about having saggy earlobes after 40 years of wearing these every day, which I most likely will.

It's Summer here in the Northern hemisphere, and specifically in the midwest, that means it's hotter than a jacuzzi in hell. I deal with this by wearing loose, flowy clothes. Light dresses and skirts are pretty much my uniform for four months, which is why I was ecstatic to find this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress on eBay for way less than retail price.I have been lusting after this dress since I saw it in the window at the Marc by Marc store in SF, and now it's hanging in my closet. For half price. God, I love happy endings.

Speaking of endings, I thought I could segue that into shoe talk, but that would be lame, and that's the last thing I am. Anyway! I also found these amazing grown-up water shoes by Keen, and they were on sale for way cheap.
They're super squishy, but with a lot of support. I need my feet to breathe in the hotter months, but once it cools down I'm going to wear these babies everywhere. And you can roll them up into a ball if you want! I have no idea what purpose that serves, but there you go. They also come in a Crocs-like rainbow of color and only cost $25!

Last but not least, I would like to feature two amazing prints that I purchased a few days ago on Etsy. I troll Etsy for at least an hour every day (what a life!) and I have never come across something I yearned for so greatly. I want to buy all of this artist's prints, but sadly I have neither the money nor the wall space. I settled on these two portraits, to be framed in one of those folding connected frames, like a locket:There a like, 30 more animal portraits to choose from, and believe me, it was a hard decision. I will probably end up buying a few more prints from this Etsy shop (Particularly the see-through sharks!), but this will have to satisfy me until my next shopping spree.

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