Monday, July 14, 2008

No shit. Twitt!

As of today I have a Twitter account. There's a little thingy to the right that will post my one sentence musings for those common times when I don't have enough to say to write a whole blog post. I'm trying to get it hooked up to my cell phone so that I can text a note when something amazing happens to me on the go. Recent examples of things I would have Twittered (Tweeted? Twat?!) before I had Twitter:

"I just saw an Asian kid with a full-on Afro."
"Craig on Degrassi is hot. He's the Canadian Seth Cohen."
"I want to get a tattoo of a Star of David with lights shooting out of it."

There are so many more...
So stay tuned to that little box, or get a Twitter account of your own and friend me or whatever. (Naturally, I'm listed as donchabongo.) Later, I gotta fly the coop. (GET IT??!! Har de har har!)

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