Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dedicated to Jekica

Recently my bud Jackie was feeling a bit fashion-behind, and I offered to invade her closet and play "Human Paper Dolls" to make her realize that she DOES have things to wear. This was my favorite verbal exchange:

J: I can't wear this shirt with these pants.
S: Why?
J: They're cords!
S: I don't get it.
J: It's a ribbed shirt!
S: What.
J: Stripes with stripes! (I can't remember her exact phrase. Correct me if I'm wrong Miss J)
S: That's not a thing.

That really stuck with me. I love when people tell you things that show how their mind works and it's totally different from you. That sounds so Sesame Street, but I like noticing how people differ from one another, and how that makes them who they are. The truth is, Jackie has clothes to wear, she just needed someone to say, "You look FINE. Better than that even!" I still don't think Jack got this message, so I'm writing about her in this public forum to shame her into listening to me. Oh come on, you know I kid.

Anyway! This morning I was getting dressed and I put on a ribbed skirt and a ribbed tank top. Then I putzed around the house for a bit, came back to my wardrobe and added a henley to the ensemble. I think you know where this is's RIBBED!!!
This one's for you Jackie A!

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