Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Shawn Johnson, you guys. She's so much cooler than Michael Phelps, but I feel like she's not getting nearly enough attention because of that butter-face in the pool. (Yeah! I said it.)
I just watched my homegurl Shawn kick ass on the balance beam and beat Gumby AKA Nastia for the gold. I honestly have never really cared about the Olympics, especially gymnastics, but Ms. Johnson has somehow warmed the cockles of my cold, dead heart.

She's four foot eight, man, which I think is about 85% of the reason why I love her. She's a legal midget! She can get a handicapped parking pass!
AH! She's on with Bob Costas wearing peace sign earrings! She's so adorable I cannot even handle it. And I teared up a little bit when she was on the podium and they started playing the anthem and she was trying SO hard not to cry and her mom was completely melting in the stands. Plus, she's actually 16. OH SNAP!

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