Tuesday, September 16, 2008

#47 of Ways Buffy Changed My Life

I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer a few weeks ago. For the first time ever. Yeah, that's one bandwagon I never got on. I was sitting by the cult television highway with my thumb sticking out, but when Buffy and Pals offered me a lift I was all "Uh, no? I'm not really into that shit, if you know what I mean. I watch Friends thankyouverymuch."

I took a feminist television class last year and we watched an ep of Buffs, and that was my first exposure to the show ever. Now a year later I'm vegging and I discover that the first two seasons are on Hulu. I'm all, "okay, it's free so there's nada to lose. I'll just watch one epsisode." That one episode turned into the first two seasons. It's probably about three weeks after watching the pilot and I've just started season 4.

How did no one tell me that this show kicks ass? Was there really no coherent person who could explain that Buffy has wit and style and heart? As well as supernatural beasts and fakey fights/effects (my main deterrents)?! This is extremely similar to the Battlestar Gallactica awakening of last year. Lessson? Try anything once! Or just watch geeky TV shows, because they're probably more than just nerdbucket fanfic inspiration.

I keep finding new reasons that I love Buffy though. The main one is probably the amazing, unending wit of the show. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. The season three episode that was entireley from Xander's perspective? Genius! I also now finally get what all the hooplah about David Boreanaz is about. Have mercy!
But the reason I'm sharing my newfound Buffy love, and the pleasant discoveries it has brought with it, is that fact that I kind of like Seth Green now. Take a minute. Let that simmer.

For real guys, Seth Green! He's sooooo super cute as Willow's sardonic Seth Cohen of the 90s boyfriend. He also gives a totally melt worthy adoration stare that will melt your heart:
I can hardly believe I had all those negative Seth Green feelings bottled up in my cold, dead heart for so long! He's adorablog!

I had so many reasons for irrationally disliking him, including his being three apples tall and that I imagine the way he acted in his cameo on Entourage is his true character. I was so wrong. I'm sorry Seth Green, for forever picturing you looking like this:

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