Sunday, November 9, 2008

For Sadie and My Mom

The only people who email me about blog posts are my mom, fondly known to readers as Mama T, and Sadie, also known as the Lumiere to my Cogsworth.
In response to my latest post about Jason "Crackhead Leprechaun" Mraz, Sadie wrote on my Facebook wall, "...nail on the head, nail on the head." 'Twas then that I realized that disabling comments is not only bad for me, but bad for America.

So, they're back.


heartpinksky said...

Seriously Sarah. You are better than weed and Hey the same time! Trust me, if you've never gotten high and watched Hey Paula then you might not realize how big a deal that it: but it is. The real issue is: which one is Lumier?

Sarah said...

Obvs, you're Lumiere and I'm Cogsworth. It says so right there. Plus, I always laugh when he says, "if it's not baroque, don't fix it"

heartpinksky said...

Oh my God!!! Me too! That might be my favorite line.