Monday, November 17, 2008

The Only Fashion Fit for The Dead

Have you guys been watching True Blood? If not, you are making a HUGE MISTAKE. It is so amazingly good that my non-vampire obsessed friends even love it. There's only one episode left and I really do not know how I'm going to handle the next year (year and a half? Alan Ball is a slowpoke) without my weekly dose of Bon Temps.

I could rave on and on about True Blood, like how the TV show is so much better than the books, which I had to stop reading because of the ridiculous factor (Spoiler alert: Sookie is descended from fairies. Yeah.), but instead I'm going to point to something I noticed this week:

Apparently soapy vampires only have one choice when it comes to shirts: The Henley!

See Mick St. John on the tragically underappreciated Moonlight:
Not only did Mick only wear henleys, I'm pretty sure he wore the same three henleys over and over. 
Now we have True Blood's Bill Compton, who has taken a page from Mick's personal look book:
It's just a coincidence that they're both wearing beige henleys in these pictures. Although, they both only have their favorite style tees in beige, navy, and black.  
Henley fever has even spread to vamps of the silver screen! Take a peep at Emmett Cullen, soon to be featured in Twilight
Arguably a hoodie, but certainly henley inspired. 
What is it that draws these sexy creatures of the night to the cozy yet non-confining style of the henley tee? Is it a neck-accesibility thing? Do they just like to show a little pec? It is a mystery perhaps as old as Nosferatu. Or simly proof that J. Crew stays open after dark.


heartpinksky said...

Dexter was the originator of the henley's return.

Sarah said...

Not a vampire. Because vampires never jump the shark. OH SNAP.