Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm having surgery next week, and I'm going to be confined to my bed for a good long time. I had this same procedure last year, and the time in bed allowed me to discover 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights, both of which I am now completely obsessed with.  The problem this time around is that I have no idea what TV on DVD to fall in love with while my stitches heal.

I've seen pretty much everything, and I have an amazing memory that doesn't really allow for repeat viewing (unless it's ah-mazing). I watch a TON of TV, especially culty stuff, so I feel like all recommendations end with me going, "I KNOW."
Also, I'm going to be recovering from surgery, so I'm not really interested in something that's hard to follow or emotionally disturbing, so no Sopranos. I also abhor House, so that's a no-go as well. Oh, and I don't like procedural crime shows. Or Pushing Daisies. I could actually do a whole post on TV that I dislike, but that's another story for another time.

So I put this out to you, Interweb: What should I watch?! (For a list of what's already been seen, go here!)


heartpinksky said...

You really have done it all. The only thing I love that's not on your list is Psych but too much of that and your brain might wilt. You could do some old school shit like Melrose Place or Secret Diary of a Call Girl is pretty entertaining.

Sarah said...

I'm thinking of watching Felicity again. It's been about three years since I went down that road, so hopefully I forgot everything.