Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kids Dancing.

"Dancing in the Street" may be my most hated song of all time, but I LOVE watching kids dance. Not even kids that are amazing breakdancers (although I do love them too), but just kids moving around like little weirdos. H does a dance called "The Puma," which is basically her putting her hands in front of her face like paws and then swatting at people while she does a runway walk. Sometimes she'll do it for 5 minutes straight, and I have no idea how she doesn't break down and laugh because by the end of it I'm sprawled on the floor in a state of delirium.

My new favorite child dance prodigy is a kid named Henry, whose blessed parents have posted his sweet moves on the interwebs for all to see.

I'm not so crazy about the music selection on the above vid, but it does a great job of showcasing Henry's slower steps. Plus, you get to witness more of his patented "Booty Slap" move, and at the 1:36 mark he even does a modified version of "The Puma!"

Now THESE are some dance moves! The video makes you feel a little sorry for Henry's (I assume) sister, but homegirl should learn to stand aside when the H-Bomb is about to drop. I could watch a two minute video of his move for "the whole club was lookin' at her." I feel like he's looking right into my soul.

This one most likely has the most "professional" looking dance moves, but I like it because of the indifferent/comatose expression Henry wears at the beginning of the video (he cracks eventually). Also, at one point the family pug walks in, circles Henry mid-dance, and then leaves, as if thinking, "Yep, just another Tuesday." 

But Henry's not the only kid prone to getting down! Here are some other awesome little rug-cutters:

Major adorable points. The suit doesn't hurt.

So wobbly!

Note to the parents of the world: Get your kids to dance. Then get it on video. Then watch as it cures AIDS.

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heartpinksky said...

I seriously couldn't even talk to Charlie and I didn't that I was being rude. These were too beautiful. Is it kind of weird that the vid of the black baby reminded me of how I'd picture baby James Baldwin would dance?