Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bon Temps Craft Time

As I have mentioned recently, I'm a big True Blood fan. I even read the books the show is based on before the premiere last year. Word of advice: The show is infinitely better than the books, although the character Maryann is based on is only there for like five pages, which was nice because how fucking annoying is Maryann? Anyway, I digress.

Some genius has created these great do-it-kind-of-yourself* True Blood paper dolls. I was completely obsessed with paper dolls when I was a kid. Actually, scratch that. I'm still obsessed with paper dolls.

New TB dolls are added every week, and every week like a dope I keep checking to see if they've gotten to Erik**. He's my boyfriend. Semi-related side note: The one part of the books that I really loved was when Erik had this like, personality transplant and was really sweet and started being Sookie's boyfriend. (Looks like that's going to be season 3, so grrrreat). Alas, no Erik yet, but the Tara doll does come complete with a crazy-eyes attachment, which made me chuckle out loud. The Sam doll is pretty witty as well. They're actually all witty, like how the Sookie doll has the Fangtasia tee shirt as one of her 'fits. So go! Collect them all!
*Get the PDF, print 'em out, and cut 'em up!

**My plan is to turn the Erik doll into a magnet so I can have "Dress The Viking Vampire" on my fridge. Remember when that was a trend, but with David and Venus de Milo? I'm gonna bring it back.

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