Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alright. I Give In.

My beloved Macbook Pro is a real workhorse. I'm a young person, so according to Dateline I spend 19 hours a day on my laptop, which I'd say is a conservative estimate. Because of this, even though my computer is only about three years old, it's on it's last legs. Sometimes it chokes up when I'm just trying to watch a movie on The Netflix. I was planning on getting a new laptop from the parental units this summer, but I'm using that money to go on the BEST VACATION EVER with Sadie-Poo.

So I'm going on a fantastic European adventure with my bro from another ho (including a trip to Krakow, AKA The Motherland, where I will surely be mistaken for a local), but I have to suffer through possibly another six months or more of a computer that can barely handle having more than one Word document open at a time.

Until I came up with a solution. The iPad.
I know, we've all made fun of it for months, but have you looked at what those things can do? THEY'RE FUCKING MAGICAL. My idea is that for about half the price of a new laptop I could get an iPad and use this old clunker for word processing, blogging, and my iTunes library. Basically I use my laptop for hanging out on the Internet, watching movies, and playing mind-numbing games. I can do all these things on the iPad, but I can also carry it all over the place in my bag, put books on it to read on planes, in waiting rooms, etc, and Mr. DeNiro can't mess it up by stepping on my keyboard while I'm using it in bed. WIN WIN WIN.

As with all ideas I have, now that I've convinced myself that this is a good plan, I want to execute it yesterday. I'm still doing a little research on which model of iPad I want/can afford, but you know I'll keep you, my adoring fans, posted.

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