Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spoiler Alert: This Post Is About Tampons

... So if you're like the boy I used to make out with in high school and pretend that girls don't poop and there is no such thing as menstruation, go read another blog. Might I suggest this one?

Now that we've gotten rid of the namby-pambies, we'll get right down to business. What the chunk is up with scented tampons? I've wondered this since I first had reason to pay attention to the plethora of tampon varieties, and I still don't understand their purpose.

I have recently been lucky enough (psych!) to have had two periods in one month, and in a rush through Target's lady products aisle I grabbed a box of "fresh scent" tampons instead of regular old vadge plugs. I didn't realize my mistake until I had opened the box and was ripping open the wrapper, so I am now stuck with a variety pack of Tampax Pearl Tampons that smell like a meadow or whatever. So here's my point of confusion:

At what point in the life of a tampon is it a benefit for it to be scented? 

Before use, it's in a sealed wrapper, and not to get too graphic (that part comes later), but there's nothing on it that's going to be stanking up the place. After it's done it's job, the going down the toilet (Sidenote: People who throw used tampons in the trash are fucking gross. If your toilet cannot support the flushing of a soggy wad of cotton then you need a new toilet, and that's the straight truth). And when a tampon is on the job, as it were, it's completely contained inside your body, keeping that whole mess in place. I can understand wanting a pad that absorbs odors or maybe even has a slight "fresh scent." In that scenario it's bad enough that you're wearing a bloody diaper - you shouldn't have to smell like it too. But a tampon? A TAMPON?! Give me a break. And a Midol.

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