Sunday, May 16, 2010

Top Cat + Snagglepuss = Snooki

Last night I was working, which means I was getting paid to have a dance party with seven year old girls and watch someone else's HBO. I know it sounds luxurious, but sometimes playing Mary Poppins on Saturday night is the worst. I finished my book, there was nothing on TV, and it's practically impossible to pig out when you're on a gluten-free diet. I decided to watch a little SNL to pass the time, and although it was a lackluster episode (seriously SNL, we would understand if you just had Justin Timberlake host every season finale from now until 2075), I did come to a startling revelation re: Bobby Moynihan's impression of everyone's favorite guidette Snooki. In case you're not familiar, here's a clip from Saturday's show:

I don't know if he's never actually watched Jersey Shore, or if he's just a Hanna-Barbera enthusiast, but Mr. Moynihan's impression is actually just an impression of Snagglepuss mixed with Top Cat and dressed as Snooki for Halloween. I was so ready to blow your minds with a video side-by-side, but when I was looking up Bobby Moynihan on Wikipedia I found out that HE HAS DONE A SNAGGLEPUSS IMPRESSION ON WEEKEND UPDATE.

Now compare Moynihan's Snagglepuss voice and his Snooki voice to the actual voice of Snooki:

He sounds nothing like her, right? The only similarities are the poof and the orange patina (which I guess in SNL terms makes a good impression?) But take the Top Cat accent and add the long vowels of Snagglepuss and you've got Bobby Moynihan's "Snooki." I'll prove it.

To sum up,

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