Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ronsons, Ronsons Everywhere

I'm pretty sure the family from Big Love is actually based on the Ronsons. I have no reason for this belief other than every few months (or years) I seem to see another Ronson popping up, like rabbits (or Mormons!). I used to think it was just a common English surname, but it turns out they actually are all related! Just like black people.

But seriously. There's Lindsay Lohan's (hopeful) future baby-mama/coke provider/overall main-lez Samantha Ronson. Then there's Sammy's twin sister/fashion designer Charlotte, who actually makes some cute stuff that looks like what would happen in Marc Jacobs was fellated by Hello Kitty. These two I am very familiar with, but the one I didn't really know on a personal level (AKA though US Weekly) is brother Mark. I had heard that he was a DJ turned producer, and I figured he was responsible for Samantha's all too soon rise to popularity as a most-wanted DJ. But it turns out he actually makes music of his own.

I got his new record (I never know what to call CDs so that I don't sound like a douche. But that's another post for another time.) and I must say I'm a little too into it. His album is trendy and cool, but at the same time classic and old school. Needless to say, I have a little crush. But then I actually saw a picture of him!

Holy Gay Crush! I think I'm in love. Seriously. He's talented (see iTunes) he's fucking gorgeous (see above) and he's clearly not a pretentious asshole, because he's been working in the music industry for like ten years and I've never seen his face before. It may just be because I live in America, but I like to pretend that it's because he's really just interested in his craft and screw all that publicity stuff he just needs to create to feel whole, you know? We're going to get married and I'll help him convince sis Samantha to dump Anne Heche (LiLo) and get herself a Portia de Rossi. Cuz bitch is crazy, and there's no way I'm having our lovely English Christmas mornings tainted by Aunt Lindz trying to snort the tinsel off the tree.

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