Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Like my Vamps Soapy

Have I mentioned that I love vampires? I thought it was just a phase I was going though, but now, on further inspection of my soul, I have realized that it was actually an awakening.

I'm going to hope that you've been watching Moonlight on CBS, but if you haven't you can just wait for the DVD like all the other non-committal losers out there. I started watching this soapy tale of 30-but-really-80 year old private eye Mick St. John as kind of a goofy, guilty pleasure. This was near the beginning of the vamp phase, when I thought it was actually a phase, and I would sheepishly avoid mentioning anyone that I watched Moonlight, let alone had a TiVo Season Pass.

Now I'm like the number one Moonlight spokesperson, without any irony whatsoever. I actually watch the TV like I'm looking at the first transmission from the moon or something like that. I will squeal when Mick says something romancy to Beth. AND, the other week Logan Echolls and Mick had a totally gay vamp-turning scene, but it wasn't even groan inducing (haha) bad like every single episode of Supernatural. Now THAT is TV magic.And while I do believe scientists should study, as I have wondered, "How is this show not completely gay?!" I also think, gay or not, that Moonlight is a legit show. For fans of prime time soaps and bloodsucking.

But you know, some people are more literary. Some like to cuddle up with their Slanket and a good book. Well I have found a vampy loophole in that one too!! Stephenie Meyer's Twilight "saga" is totally my Harry Potter. Explanation: You know how people get all spazzed out about Harry Potter? They're like "OMG I love Cedric Diggory! Expecto Patronum!" Well Twilight makes me into just as much of a queerball as HP makes them.
I just started reading Twilight, the first novel in the series, on Sunday. It's now Tuesday afternoon and I'm almost halfway done with the third. I read an article in Time about Stephenie Meyer, and she's so rad. She's a professional mom from Arizona who dreamed the story of Edward and Bella (21st Century tween's version of Jack and Rose, I guess). Um. Best. Dream. Ever.

Also, because she's Mormon, and because this is technically a young adult book series, there's no kinky vampire sex. BUT that's totally okay, because Meyer has made her characters so intense and sexy by actually NOT having them have sex or even kiss with their mouths open. It's so Jane Austen!

And there's going to be a Twilight movie coming out on December 12! I'm gonna lose my shit over that one.
Um, I was just searching for an image to add to this and I found out that the teaser trailer for the Twilight movie is up. Go here.

Oh my God. I'm kvetching. Too much to continue.

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