Friday, March 5, 2010

Hero's Fashion Overhaul

Although he is a dog that refuses to wear any kind of sweater/coat/warmth retainer, Hero does wear a collar on a regular basis. He has a tag with his name and my phone number, a county-required "I don't have rabies" tag, and a pass for the dog park. Being a small dog, I think all these tags are a bit much for him, but oh well. I feel better knowing that he's got my digits on his neck, and the other tags are occupational hazards (Hero's occupation being that of "pet dog").

Hero's current collar situation has been in need of a remedy for a long time. He has been sporting an Earth Dog collar for almost a year, but it's just not working out. Here's the thing: Earth Dog makes lovely products, but they are most definitely suited for larger dogs. And Hero weighs 20 pounds. He could wear one of my bracelets as a belt. A one inch thick collar just looks kind of ridiculous on him. Can I get a side by side to illustrate my point?
Yep, that's about right.

So I know what you're saying to yourself, "Get the dog a new, slimmer collar and shut the eff up, Ladyface!" But, this being my life, there are a few more complications to he story. Hero, bless his furry heart, has quite sensitive skin. Regular collars turn his poor throat into a hairless, scabby mess. This is why I turned to Earth Dog in the first place - they make high quality hemp collars, which are all natural and free of those pesky chemicals and puppy-irritating whatsits that upset the delicate balance that is Hero's existence.

Now, I don't know why this is, but it's surprisingly hard to find a plain, natural, thin dog collar. My only theory is that most people with small dogs are also the kind that dress up their pooches in foofy collars and raincoats or whatever. All I want is a skinny, black collar that won't leave my dog's chest and neck looking like Britney's weave tracks.

I've been hunting online for what seems like forever. I would find a good collar, but it only came in a goofy pattern, or it came in plain colors, but they were all like lime green or purple. Then, FINALLY, I found the Holy Grail:
Good Dog Company's Hemp + Organic Cotton Corduroy Collar. They come in normal colors and a variety of sizes. It took me a fair amount of time to find a site that had the 1/2" collar in black, but I finally found one at a site called Olive (Slogan: Green Goods for Modern Dogs).

So now the collar dilemma is solved. But there's still the issue of Hero's plethora of tags. His ID tag is completely indecipherable at this point. It's a metal dog bone shape with his info engraved, but I guess it was made a little too on the cheap, since it's now covered in so many scratches even I can't read it. While I was giving Herocious a makeover,  figured I would get him a new tag as well as a new collar. I looked around (and around, and around) and finally came to my senses and turned to my favorite emporium of all things awesome. I don't know why I didn't just go to Etsy in the first place! Check out this badassery:
A superhero themed tag for my superhero themed dog?! YES FUCKING PLEASE. The creator of this masterpiece, purepanache, has a lot of other great products, and if you have a dog or like awesome things I highly suggest you visit her Etsy store.

So now Hero is all set to rock the socks off the doggie fashion world. I've been checking the mail every day waiting for my purchases, I'm so excited. It's about time that dog put some decent clothes on. SHEESH.

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