Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sparkles. They Get You Every Time.

I assume you're all familiar with Toms shoes. They're those pretentious canvas slippers that try to make you think they're worth $50. Because when you buy a pair, you're really buying two pairs, and the second one is given to a shoeless child in the third world or Mississippi or somewhere. But seriously? They're CANVAS SLIPPERS. THAT COST $50.

I've ranted about Toms before, so I'll spare you my whole tirade. It's not very long, it's just repetitive. And if there's one thing I hate, it's repeating stories. That's a lie, I love to repeat stories. I get it from my grandma, who has been telling the same seven or so stories as long as I've known her. To be fair, they're pretty great stories, but I'm getting off topic.

So those crafty little goofballs at Toms must have read my bloggy rant (obviously it's at the top of their Google Reader) and decided to reel me in to their little humanitarian clusterfuck. That's right. THEY ADDED SPARKLES. Check it.
That settles it. I now need $54 slippers.

Just so you can understand the tragedy of my love/hate relationship with my latest obsession: Know what else sparkles and is terrible? THIS.

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