Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Red Carpet: A Story in Side by Sides

Seriously, I live my life in side by sides. My reaction to everything is basically a MadLibs that goes, "Hey, X looks just like Y." Not since The BBC's Robin Hood have I experienced a deluge of side by sides like I did during the red carpet coverage of this year's Oscars.

The first Oscar dress I saw was Anna Kendrick's. Let me just say, I really like her. Have you seen Rocket Science? She's amazing in it. I actually heard that she was chosen for Up in the Air based on her performance in Rocket Science, which makes since because the two characters are the same. Her dress, however pretty I thought it was, reminded me only of the cover of a romance novel.
Anna plays the role of Belle, a planation heiress who was lounging in her boudoir with her forbidden lover when suddenly, the horses all somehow escape from the pasture, and Belle must cover her undergarments (and heaving bosom) in a sheer curtain before she and Fabio run into the nearby field to retrieve the horses and swoon over each other.

Then we have Charlize Theron. Ohhhhh GURL. All I could, and still can, think of when I see her dress is Janet Jackson's infamous Rolling Stone cover:
I think this one speaks for itself.

The other similarity isn't meant to be humorous, or overly insightful, it's just something I noticed. When Halle Berry won her Best Acress Oscar in 2002 she wore an Elie Saab dress with a sheer, accented top and an opaque skirt. Sandra Bullock won her Best Actress Oscar tonight, and wore a Marchesa dress with an almost identical theme:
That Halle Berry tidbit is a great example of my ability to retain knowledge that is pretty useless. That is, until someone says, "This kitten dies unless you can tell me who designed Halle Berry's 2002 Oscars dress!" Then I'll finally be recognized for the red carpet savant that I truly am.

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