Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hero's Makeover: The Results Show

You may remember Hero being in great need of a fashion overhaul. His new collar and tag arrived last week and, to put it bluntly, they are SO AWESOME.
Hero's new, sleeker look
The collar is only 1/2" wide, which is a vast improvement over his former 1" wide behemoth collar. The corduroy is super soft too, and from the customer reviews I read before buying, it will wash up very nicely and stay soft and cozy. I mentioned in my previous post that the company I bought the collar from, Olive, seemed like a really great site for eco-dog stuff. Now that I've actually bought from them  would just like to say that they are uhmazing and I cannot recommend them highly enough. In my order of only a $15 collar (most of their products are way more pricy), I got a handwritten thank you note, and a sample of dog treats (that got two paws up from H).  
The whole package, un-packaged
The "Happy Apple Snaps" were a huge hit with Hero. 
I didn't take a picture of the actual treat, but it's shaped like a little apple! So cute!
I lurve a thank you note. 
And  a handwritten thank you note? Even better!

Obtaining Hero's tag was a similarly lovely experience. I loved all of the products at Pure Panache Pets, and I was super excited to see what the tag would look like. I wasn't disappointed. I also loved that I could choose a smaller tag, so as not to overpower my smallish pup. Here's the final product: 
The black bar is covering my phone number. I wouldn't want any weirdos calling me.

So overall, I'd say Hero now looks like a beautiful man of style, instead of a sloppy boob. And it's all thanks to the wonderful merchants I've mentioned above. Go buy their stuff!

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