Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On the Bright Side, Maybe Someone Was Listening

Awhile ago I wrote about the show Bones and how I was perpetually perturbed by the wardrobe of Cam the coroner, who dressed like she was going out for cocktails and dancing, even though she was at WORK and her job was to examine CORPSES.

Perhaps a showrunner read by post (I did ask them to, after all) and decided to dress Cam differently, but in a completely ridiculous manner.

Here's the background: A body is discovered in a cornfield, and Cam arrives to examine the body. She's dressed in a shift dress and a blazer:
I was actually surprised at her work appropriate outfit, and was already drafting a post in my head claiming all the credit for the change in her wardrobe. But then everything went bizarro. Here's the basic dialogue:

Cam: Oooh. Dead things.
Booth: Hey, Cam. Why are you all dressed up?
Cam: Oh, I have a date later.



I now consider myself officially slapped in the face by all parties associated with the making of Bones. Ouch.

And also, WHAT?!

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